alt The Esthetic Institute Training Center, is a premier educational facility that offers aspiring and experienced Estheticians a high standard of training by professional and qualified educators.

With two locations in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, The Esthetic Institute has become known as one of the most prestigious and recognized Esthetic training facilities nationally. Our training centers offer an extensive selection of beginner and advanced certified courses and complete programs. As our focus is providing exclusive training in esthetic and spa modules, we strive to stay current offering trend setting courses and workshops while integrating new techniques and technology into our training. Our expert educator team consists of 17 specialized instructors who collaboratively bring our students a unique and diverse learning experience. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge with acclaimed credentials, as well as passion, enthusiasm, and a love for teaching and sharing their knowledge. Upon completion of training, students will enter the industry feeling motivated, excited and confident in their knowledge and skills and will have a notable competitive edge allowing for an effortless transition into a salon or spa.

Your training experience

Our primary goal is to ensure your success as an Esthetician! Your training experience will take place in a professional, clean and modern spa-like ambient environment. Our philosophy includes limiting class sizes and running courses frequently to ensure every student receives the attention they deserve and best experience possible.

Your education will consist of extensive theory and hands on practical training. In most classes, external practicums must be completed followed by a final exam, upon which a certificate will be given. Students will also receive thorough training in proper hygiene and sanitation practices in accordance with federal and provincial requirements and standards. alt Our training centers feature all of the latest and best equipment professionals use in the Esthetic and Spa industry. In fact, our students train with some of the best product lines currently used worldwide in elite spas, including LCN, Repéchage, Serene Professional Skin Care and Silhouet-Tone.

Students are offered support in job placement, and are encouraged to take additional business classes by our expert educators to help empower them with knowledge, opportunities and ultimately success with their own ventures. Our mission is to ensure that our student’s expectations are exceeded in every facet. Our promise is to offer continuous mentorship and recommendations to assist you in a successful, long-term rewarding career in Esthetics.

The Esthetic Institute has opened the doors to many and continues to offer a new world of opportunity to aspiring and experienced Estheticians. Expanding your current services or looking for a career change, The Esthetic Institute is your premier choice.

Student Testimonials

"I found information for classes online & was impressed right from the start with initial communications from staff. The building is very clean and well decorated. I feel comfortable & confident in going out and beginning laser treatment right away. I'm happy I found this school - Thank you to all staff. I'm overall impressed and I will be back though I travelled 4 hours to attend. I will highly recommend this course to EVERYONE."

"I feel fantastic about my choice choosing the Esthetic Institute. The professionalism I was greeted with put my mind at ease about choosing the Esthetic Institute amongst a sea of choices. I researched my options carefully and decided that I would be receiving top of the line education, information, theory and knowledge that would set me apart. I am so thankful that I contacted them and haven't looked back."
E. Castro

"My experience with the Esthetic Institute was fabulous! I was incredibly impressed with the level of instruction, the thoroughness of the program & the personal nature of our instructor."
K. Geddert

"I found my experience with everyone from the front desk to instructor to be very helpful and well informed. The Esthetic Institute is a 100% professional school taught by professionals; for professionals."
R. Hudson

"I love the modular arrangement at EI, the instructors were personable and inspiring! I am confident that I have received some of the best training in Alberta- maybe even in the world! The learning experience was exceptional. I am so thankful to have had such an engaged, compassionate and thorough instructor!"
K. Lawrence

More reasons to register today!

  • Create your own schedule and start classes at your convenience as courses are offered multiple times throughout the year.
  • Learn in a clean and spa like environment.
  • Feel comfortable and at ease with our friendly and helpful educators and staff.
  • Study and practice the importance of hygiene, sanitation and disinfecting protocols for spa use.
  • Be prepared to dress for success! Students are required to wear professional attire and a white esthetician jacket.
  • Gain confidence and learn the importance of spa retailing and key business skills.
  • The Esthetic Institute is committed to helping students with job placement.
  • Conveniently located near Chinook LRT with ample free parking for students and models.

By taking the full curriculum of courses offered by The Esthetic Institute, you will have achieved over 500 hours of Esthetic Training!

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